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As its popularity grows so too will the kinds of Listings we add. If there are other Categories not found on the All Classifieds page, use our Feedback Form to send us your comments, we'll determine their relevancy and act accordingly.

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What You Need to Know Before Adding a Listing

Date Listed: November 9, 2010 in by admin

Getting Started

In order to begin posting you need to go to Add a Listing fill in your user name and password if you have an account or Register if you dont have one, registration is free for the “Bronze Account” upon approval.

Your Profile

Once you have registered you should go to your “Profile” page and select a Nickname that visitors to this site will see as your Contact name in your Listings.

Please read Our Polocies before adding a Listing.

How To Post a Listing

Important: This site is for Listings that deal with Accessibility and Disability only, any unrelated Listings will not be approved if you have a Bronze Account and will count as 1 of your Posts/Listings.

For the Silver and Gold accountsListings will be removed if they are not in compliance and will count as 1 of your Posts/Listings as well.

Reusing Posts

In order to be able to reuse a Post/Listing it needs to be deleted from your “Edit Listings/Posts” page and also from the Trash, or you will not be able to use it again.

If you have any “:Auto-Drafts” they need to be deleted as well.

We ask that you delete any Posts/Listings that are no longer relevant.

Your Privacy

Do not enter any Contact information into your Post/Listing that you do not want the Public to see, remember this is not a Private medium and your Contact information can be seen by all.

Againm, we recommend you use a Nick Name for your Contact email, which you can add in your “Profile” section.

Note: Although your Profile Email which is used for people to contact you has been encrypted so that Robots cannot find it and use it for SPAM, we make no claims that it is infallible.