Canadian Federation Of The Blind Conducting a Six Month Study on Discriptive Video in Canadian Theatres

Date Listed: March 20, 2018 in Assistive Devices,Customer Service,Events by admin

The Canadian Federation Of The Blind (CFB) this week launched a six month study on the quality and availability of descriptive video service in Canadian Movie Theatres.

We’re asking blind theatre-goers who request dv equipment at their theatre to visit:, , link
and fill out the form to share their experience. The form can be filled out multiple times, and we encourage participants to leave feedback for multiple movies if they have it.

We plan to use the feedback to interest theatres in providing more dv and raise the quality of the equipment that is available, but also to highlight areas or theatres who do descriptive video better to inform the blind public.

The Canadian Federation Of The Blind is an organization entirely comprised of blind people working to change what it means to be blind in Canada through training, advocacy,, and research by the blind for the blind. To learn more about the Canadian Federation Of The Blind, visit:

If you have questions about the study, please contact Kerry Kijewski at:

For general questions about the CFB, please contact Erik Burggraaf at:
Or Mary Ellen Gabias at:

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Erik Burggraaf